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'Envie' ~ French for Desire.


Be the pure envy of others, with beautiful and superior-quality footwear from iconic brands such as 

Moda In Pelle, Rieker, Fitflop, Caprice and more.

I work closely with our brand partners, personally selecting, trying on (and more often than not taking home to my own wardrobe!) EVERY single style that you see here on Pure Envie, with no exceptions... If I wouldn't wear them myself, they simply don't make the cut!

Emily ~ Company Director and Founder

Emily graduated with a degree in Podiatric Medicine in 2003 and has been running her own successful Podiatry clinic since 2008. Poor quality and unsupportive footwear causing problems for patients' feet is something that Emily is passionate to avoid and as a result she has dedicated many hours of research looking for footwear that is elite in design, with an affordable price tag! You could say, she knows a lot about feet! (Check out the Podiatrist Approved Shoes... click the link below for more info!)

A passion for all things shoes and a dedication to providing the 'personal touch' treating our customers as our friends...

My commitment to my customers first and foremost, twenty years of Podiatric experience, along with a passion for quality, chic products and footwear that is modelled by my customers and friends ... REAL women! 

Browse through the site and check out the latest additions to our collections, and feel free to get in touch with our team if you need any assistance.


Happy shopping!

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Pure Envie Footwear